Getting the Most Return from Your Sales Time Investment (ROI)

Let’s face it: you are probably working for far less than
you need to. And the sad thing is, you may not even be aware
of it or the options you have! As of now, we’re going to
change that for you, and possibly share with you not only a
thought but a vehicle that can change your financial life.
We are going to show you how to get much more out of your
sales time investment.

This probably applies more to the part time, home based
business person than the professional…but we have seen,
met, and talked with professionals who really are under-
valuing their return on time investment. I know.. we are
using that “time investment” word a lot all ready. But you
MUST consider it just as you do a cash or money investment.
In fact, it’s even more important because once spent or
invested, you can’t ever get that particular moment or
minute back. It’s gone. You can always invest more money,
but you only have so much irreplaceable time. Your sales
time investment is one of the most precious ones you can
ever make.

As we look at business models, we find on one end, the
model that proposes high volume but low profit per sale.
Walmart has certainly shown this works, and many, many, many
supermarkets work this same way. It will work if you have
the ability to create large volumes of sales. The question
is: Do you. If you are a individual sales rep or a small
business, just how much of an opportunity do you have to
create really large volumes. The appeal to the small
business person is to do this by creating some type of a
multi-level (also and probably incorrectly referred to as a
pyramid) sales organization. In the ideal world, IF you can
do this, you can create volume. But this could take years to
accomplish, and still never guarantee any income or security
because (1)The company behind it could go out of business,
be taken over.. or any number of things, (2) The pay plan
could change, or (3) The group suddenly dissolve,
particularly if or when a heavy hitter or group leader
decides to switch to another business and takes his
distributors or sales force with him. Did you make a good
sales time investment if you chose this model?

Of course you still have the ability to sell the product or
service yourself, but (1) Can you do volume, and (2) Is the
profit per personal sale worth your time?

The second business model, at the other end of the spectrum,
is one that provides a relatively high profit or earning per
sale. Sometimes we think of real estate people and car sales
people in this category, as well as sales people of
specialized capital equipment. But that’s not the majority
of us.

The downside here is that if we are thinking about selling a
high ticket/high profit item, we have to ask (1) Is there a
large market and prospect base? and if we are thinking in
terms of an ability for a part time person–possibly a “stay
at home mom”, can this high ticket, high profit product or
service be first mastered in terms of the technology, and
second, is the customer prospect base readily accessible?

In most cases, the answer to those two questions is “no, not

But if it is or was, then here’s a fact that can be
virtually carved in stone:


Think about that! This is ALL relative to your sales time
investment, and once more: It’s the MOST IMPORTANT
investment you have to make.

Ask yourself: “Am I working for pennies or dimes when
instead with the right vehicle I could be working for

If the answer is yes, and this is so true of particularly
home based business entrepreneurs who are involved in sale
of nutritional supplements, skin care, fad gadgets, etc.,
then ask yourself, “Am I doing this because I want to earn
a nice income, and do it as quickly as possible… or am I
kidding myself about that goal and I just want to get
products wholesale or discounted and have some fun?”

Nothing wrong with that, by the way, if you have an hones
assessment of what you are doing and why.

But….. If your goal is in the area of $4000-$5000 a month
or more, and you also don’t want to spend all your waking
hours “working your business”, then it’s time to change.

As your article writer, I can tell you this is an article
written from the school of hard knocks and one that really
had us so emotionally involved with the businesses. Rah rah
rah; recognition, pins, etc. Amway. Free Life. Primerica.
Herbal Life. Been there, done that. Made some money? Yes,
but far, far, far less than in other options. And that’s
just the part time side of things we did to supplement our
“real” job. Made some money, but had no security, and worked
for far less than we could have been doing. Plus we just
sold our time for money there. No residual income.. but
that’s the subject for another article.

We hope this has helped you focus some thinking and our
resource block will point you to one tool that will let you
change your life.

Profit From Commercial Real Estate Investments

Property investors have now turned their attention towards the lucrative deals presented by the commercial properties. This sudden interest is the result of the option to diversify your property investment portfolio, along with a high income and tax breaks. However, it is advisable to conduct a research before taking the plunge.

Commercial properties include hotels, malls, medical centers, retail stores, business and industrial property. These are operated for a profit from rental income or capital gain. Some common commercial property types are:

- Apartments and multi family units: These are the first choice of investors. Apartment financing and management is very similar to that of residential properties.

- Mobile home parks: These can be a profitable investment option especially if you own the land and sell the mobile homes.

- Retail properties: More than one tenant occupies the premises and it is utilized for retail transactions.

- Offices: This category includes suburban garden offices, suburban high-rise offices, medical offices and central business district offices.

- Mixed use properties: These properties are a combination of all the above property types.

- Health care units: They include assisted living centers and congregate care centers and nursing homes.

- Hotels: The properties are categorized as either limited service or full service.

- Industrial premises: These properties can be used solely for industrial purposes.

- Self-storage units: The consumers use them for personal storage or for lease.

- Other specialties: These include oil change facilities and gas stations.

According to a reputed New York based real estate research firm, the price of apartment complexes rose by 26%, retail properties by 14%, industrial properties by 21% and office buildings by 6%, in 2004. Commercial property investment is very profitable but it is a complex business, as compared to investment in residential properties. There are number of factors that affect the property evaluation of commercial premises. It pays to study the market and tread cautiously.

Boom in commercial real estate property:

Commercial real estate includes, but is not limited to, properties used for educational, medical, commercial or industrial purpose. The properties are usable in business or trade and can be sold or bought in the real estate market. The improvement in the economy and growth in business ventures are responsible for the revival of commercial real estate. Another important reason has been the continuous flow of new investment capital. This capital is sourced from people who seek higher returns from large investments. The areas that come under the category of ‘commercially profitable’ carry a higher evaluation, as compared to other properties in developing areas. The rates for commercial real estate properties are calculated differently from the method adopted for residential properties.

The rental yields are better for commercial properties and the monthly cash flow is more than that of residential property investment, in the same area. The quoted expectation of returns depends on the kind of business that would be transacted on the premises. The profit from commercial real estate investments is definitely much higher than profit generated from investments in residential properties. Investment in commercial real estate is as lucrative as investments in stocks and bonds.

How To Turn Investments Into Residual Income

There are many ways for a person to build residual income. Passive residual income is the type of residual income earned from investments. These investments keep turning a profit and allow a person to do very little work and invest very little time to turn a profit. Making a passive income is easy once a person understands the great ways to turn an investment into residual income.

Passive income involves a one time investment of time or money to earn an ongoing residual income. Some people like to say it is impossible to get money for doing nothing, but that is not completely true. It is very possible for a person to invest in something one time and continue to earn from it. Think about television. Actors spend an initial amount of time preparing for and recording a show, but continue to get paid for it every time it is on television. That is just one example. There are many more out there. A website is a great example of how a person can turn a one time investment into residual income.

A website can be set up to take orders, show products and even answer questions for customers. Optimizing a business website is a way to build passive residual income. Optimizing a website involves adding content and formatting it so that it becomes ranked high by search engines. This can take a little time to do, but one it is done a website will start to get a lot of traffic. By simply optimizing a website a business owner is driving traffic and sales to their website. They do not have to do anything more because the website will handle the rest. Using auto responders is another way. An auto responder is an automated email. When a customer sends an email to the auto responder address they get an immediate answer. Setting up an auto responder is easy and it can help in many ways. If a customer has a question and they send in an email they will be happier with a quick response of an auto responder and less likely to go elsewhere for the product. Auto responders can also be used to send out information, like special offers or sales which can lead to more business as well.

A small investment of time can turn into major residual income. That is what residual income is all about. The ability to spend a few minutes tweaking a website, for example, could turn a struggling business into a thriving one. That is the beauty of residual income. So, in the end it is not really getting money for doing nothing. A person is investing something into the business and they are just earning a lot in return. There is no reason why a person must slave away to see a little profit. That is why residual income seems to be so popular.